"They say monster like its a bad thing"

Definition of monster

1a: an animal or plant of abnormal form or structure

b: one who deviates from normal or acceptable behavior

2: a threatening force 

3a: an animal of strange or terrifying shape 

b: one unusually large for its kind 

Writing Notes

Who Are We

Motivational Coaching and sharing platform for the big energy; little people of the world.

Have you been told or ever feel like your just "too much"? or perhaps, "not enough of something?" Are you a person who's light shines so bright you the need to dim your light down to make others comfortable when in your presence? Have you come from lack minded environments that require for you to conform and fit into their box of "normal"or "acceptable" ? Has your life been a thorn in your flesh? Constantly reminding you of what and where you come from; in hopes to keep you there ? Well then, you have come to the right place! 

Motivational Monsters is an online platform just for you!  

Have you got a story that needs to be shared with the world but have been told that you're not certified on the field of discussion or that you have to endure several expensive and time consuming classes in order to achieve these dreams?

Then you will love our daily speakers page, where we host and highlight everyday people like yourself who live and thrive through the same thing as you. 

motivational monsters is a non profit platform designed to help those who seem helpless. Motivational monsters is designed to motivate the monster in others that are often told "your not welcomed to the party!"

Here you will learn ways to cultivate, nature and reprogram that monstrous energy you posses. Even if the monster in you is small and timid, Our services can give it a healthy and positive voice as well as teach it to hear, and support the voices of others who are and were just like you.

Welcome to the House of Motivational Monsters

where we feed each other the love and support we need in order to show up in life in a HUGE WAY! 


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